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Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
side in almost the state of states. that's the real question and that's the question begged for the next 10 years with xi jinping in office. can that continue and grow? or can make it another decade out of the system? >> we really believe at least the administration, part of their success in being able to enact reform and address the growing disparity between haves and have knots between urban and rural people has to be opening up their markets, financial -- reform of the financial services are, less dependence and reliance on state owned or government owned businesses. greater protection for intellectual copyrights for their launch partners. not just american companies, but intellectual property rights of the veteran entrepreneurs because if their inventors and scientists are to create and invent after putting a lot of hard-earned money and time is spent into these discoveries and innovations, they want to make sure their products and and impatience ideas are stolen either. so what we're really pushing for is a level playing field for foreign companies, fair competition, ru
Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm EST
will be recommendations need to be carried out. we very much agree with the impetus of your question. >> begs the question of why did that happen. a lot of the time, that is always a factor and clearly there is no specific follow-up. one of the major recommendations was 10 new embassies year to three tied to budget constraints and etc. i think it was a combination of factors. the world has changed dramatically in this decade. the risks that are associated with that -- i think we are in a much more difficult and challenging position with respect to meeting the needs of their and doing so in a way that our people are very specifically secured. >> picking up on that, there is a very significant level of. specifically the one that will mullen mentioned. it needs to go back to that original target. >> your report, ambassador, was part of a hierarchy of local organizations. the report up the management chain. what is the highest level at the department of state where you take responsibility for what happened at benghazi? >> we think that that assistant secretary level, which is in our view, the appropriate plac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2